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Top 20 Benefits of tea tree essential oil revealed

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by Siadra

Updated January 16, 2021

The health benefits of tea tree essential oil are enormous.

In fact, more than 600 scientific studies have been conducted over the years to find more about the uses of tea tree essential oil. This magical oil is inexpensive and if you read further you will find uses that you never have thought of. Here are 20 benefits of tea tree oil that you can make use today!

Defining Tea tree essential oil and analyzing its characteristics

Source: Tea tea oil is derived from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia which is a small native tree from Australia. You can buy 100% pure tea tree oil from online or from your nearest grocery stores. The benefits of tea tree essential oil are versatile and should be kept as a regular household commodity if you want to live a naturally healthy life.

Tea tree oil is best known for its following characteristics:

  • Antibacterial

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antifungal

  • Antiviral

  • Deodorizing

These characteristics can help you reap a wide range of benefits that are listed below!

Benefits of Tea Tree essential oil for skin

  1. Prevents Acne and removes blackheads

    Whether you are man or woman, we all have a hard time with acne. The main antagonist here is a bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. Terpenes found in tea tree oil can effectively kill this bacteria. In fact, a study has found that tea tree oil is 6 times more effective in reducing acne attacks. The best way to use it is to mix a few drops of tea tree oil with 20 drops of witch hazel. In the case of blackheads, the disinfecting property of this oil dries and unclogs the pores and removes blackheads in the process. One of the better uses of tea tree essential oil is to mix it along with an oil-free cleanser to treat blackheads.

  2. Heals wound and acts as antiseptic to minor cuts

    Research has confirmed the fact that tea tree oil decreases healing time by triggering the activity of white blood cells in your blood. So, if you have got any minor wounds, just put some drops of this oil in the dressing. You will heal faster. Infection is a normal case when you got any cuts or scrapes on your skin. Tea tree oil kills S. aureus that is the bacteria that causes infection. A mixture of one teaspoon tea tree oil and coconut oil can be applied to the injured area for best effects. Always buy 100% pure coconut oil and it’s great to have it at home.

  3. Brightens skin

    If you ever wanted your skin to glow like your favorite stars, tea tree oil can be the best solution. Due to its cleansing and antibacterial properties, tea tree oil can remove dirt from your face pores. Here is one of the best uses of tea tree essential oil and these are the ingredients you will need to make this natural face wash.

    • 1 tbs. Coconut oil
    • 2 tbs. Jojoba oil
    • ¼ cup Castile soap
    • 4 drops of Tea tree oil
    • One cup of warm water
  4. Eases itching pain

    Skin irritation like contact dermatitis or itching from bug bites can cause pain and inflammation. Studies have found that tea tree oil can reduce symptoms of itching up to 40%. Swelling caused by insect bites can also be reduced by applying this amazing oil of mother nature. To relieve skin inflammation, just mix 10 drops of tea tree oil with one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of coconut oil.

Benefits of tea tree essential oil for hair

  1. Tea tree oil enhances hair growth and decreases

    Tea tree oil doesn’t directly affect hair growth. It essentially unclogs hair follicles and that results in better hair growth. More advanced use of tea tree essential oil can be found in treating Hirsutism. Hirsutism is the condition when hair grows in unwanted parts of a woman’s body. Research supports that a mixture of lavender oil and tea tree oil spray on those unwanted hairs can reduce hirsutism considerably.
  2. Natural remedy for dandruff

    The antifungal property of tea tree oil can effectively solve dandruff problems. Tea tree oil is in fact so effective that just a 5% concentration of it in a mixture of shampoo can reduce dandruff by almost 40%. You can buy a tea tree oil-enriched shampoo or alternatively just add few drops of it to your favorite shampoo to enjoy the benefits.


Benefits of tea tree oil for cleaning and odor removal

  1. Multipurpose home cleaning

    If you ever wanted one natural all-purpose cleaning agent, it has to be tea tree oil. It’s also safe when you have infants or kids licking on things! You can use a mixture of 20 drops of tea tree oil with a half a cup of apple cider vinegar diluted in a ¾ cup of water. Use this tea tree oil cleaner to clean kitchen sink, dirty furniture, and even the floor. What’s more? You can also add a drop or two to your laundry and it will kill bacteria.
  2. Prevents mold growth at home

    Mold growth at home might be common! And tea tree oil’s antibacterial property is just good enough to kill molds.You can also kill molds on fruits and vegetables by rinsing them in a tea tree oil mixed water mixture. Research shows that the terpinen 4-ol in tea tree oil can reduce mold growth on fresh produce.
  3. For hand sanitization

    Let’s face it! Commercial hand sanitizers work great but they dry out your hands also! Research supports the fact that tea tree oil kills common bacteria and viruses living on our hands like E. coli and H. influenza. Hence, you can add a few drops of this oil to your regular hand wash or follow this recipe to make your own natural hand sanitizer.
  4. Natural deodorant for underarm

    We all use commercial body deodorants! It simply blocks out the pores of the sweat glands through toxic ingredients like aluminum. Sweat is not the villain here! Sweat from underarm combines with nearby bacteria and produces a bad odor. If you use tea tree oil with a mixture of witch hazel and just plain water, you can simply get rid of that smell in no time. Here’s the full recipe
  5. Deodorant for foot and shoes

    If you are an athlete or spend a considerable amount of time working outside, chances are that your foot might be smelling like a skunk. You can make a deodorant powder comprising tea tree oil to freshen up your shoes and foot. Here are the ingredients you need:
    • 3 tbs. Cornstarch
    • 3 tbs. Baking soda
    • 8-10 drops of tea tree oil
  6. Freshens mouth and removes bad odor

    Studies have found that tea tree oil can be just the perfect alternative to commercial mouthwash full of chemicals. This oil can help fight plaque, tooth decay and kill bad breath. If you want to make your natural mouthwash at home, just add a drop of tea tree oil with a cup of warm water and rinse your mouth. Keep in mind not to swallow this mixture!

Benefits of tea tree oil for repelling insects

  1. Acts as a better insecticide alternative

    Do you have a pet at home? If you do, you are quite familiar with insect repellants! In a recent study, it was found that tea tree oil was more effective in repelling insects than DEET, a common chemical in commercial insect repellents. You can even get rid of bugs from your home with the help of a homemade tea tree oil spray. You just need a spray bottle and fill it up half with water. Add a quarter cup of witch hazel and 10-15 drops of tea tree magic oil. Boom!

  2. Removes ticks and lice

    Ticks and lice are common household enemies. These pesky insects can become a headache soon! A research conducted on the effect of tea tree oil on lice shows that tea tree oil can eliminate lice completely. You can add this oil to your regular shampoo to get rid of lice and ticks from your body as well as your pet’s.

Benefits of tea tree oil for cold and aches

  1. Helps in minimizing the pain of sore throat

    Who hasn’t had a sore throat in their lifetime? Chances are you are having a sore throat now! The natural way to get rid of the pain is to gargle with tea tree oil mixed with water. The anti-inflammatory property of tea tree essential oil helps to relieve this pain!

  2. Fight sinus and congestion

    Sinus infections and congestions can happen due to bacterial or viral attacks. Tea tree oil can damage viruses and kill bacteria. As a matter of fact, you can add tea tree oil in the diffuser and inhale the aroma to relieve sinus.

  3. Soothes ear aches

    Fluid buildup in the ear can lead to discomfort and infection. Tea tree essential oil is a natural astringent and it can dry up that fluid quickly. You can make a natural ear drop mixing 1tbs olive oil with few drops of tea tree oil. Apply once in a day and see yourself getting out of pain.

Benefits of tea tree essential oil in diffuser

  1. Relieves allergy

    You can put a few drops of tea tree oil in a diffuser to help alleviate respiratory issues caused by allergies. It’s a safer alternative to other medications that can cause fatigue.

  2. Acts as an air freshener

    One of the benefits of tea tree oil in diffusers is its room freshening property. If you use commercial air fresheners frequently, this can be a natural and healthier alternative.

  3. Decreases snoring

    Snoring can be pretty annoying! Yes not for you but for your partner or roommate! Just diffuse tea tree oil and give yourself the opportunity to breath better and snore less.

How to use tea tree oil safely?

While tea tree oil is fully safe when you apply topically, it is unsafe to ingest this oil. So, no matter what you do, keep it out of reach children and pets! Some people might be allergic to tea tree oil. We have seen a lot of pets reacting to this oil. So, before you go full gun blazing, apply a drop or two to your skin and see if there is any irritation. The best and safest way to reap the benefits of tea tree essential oil is to dilute it with water, coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil when needed.

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