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The Best Twinings Of London Teas For Your Perfect Day

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by Siadra

Published May 04, 2021

Twinings tea is a popular name and some people are huge fans of this tea. It's the perfect combination of herbal and aromatic flavors. Since 1706, they have been producing world-class tea with perfection.

There are many types of twinings tea including english breakfast, Twinings London Chai, Irish Breakfast etc. You should try to get the great flavour that allows you to start a nice morning. For instance, twinings tea contains flavonoids that are good for your heart health. British people adopt twinings tea mostly as English Breakfast Tea.

Today we are going to introduce some twinings tea combinations. Those are strong, substantial, reasonable and perfect for cold foggy mornings. The benefits and drawbacks of these masterpieces are also discussed further to help you to select the best twinings tea flavor.

Jasmine Green Tea

Layered green tea leaves and fresh jasmine blossom are the major ingredients of this Twinings tea. Twinings Jasmine Tea is filled with freshly picked jasmine flowers and powerful plant-based compounds which help our body to eliminate harmful elements and toxins from the body.We almost all drink green tea for weight loss. Therefore, you must be wondering, is twinings Jasmine tea good for weight loss? Yes! You are right. Jasmine green tea contains fat-burning properties such as caffeine and the polyphenol EGCG. Both the elements reduce unnecessary fat by improving metabolism.

The packaging of Twinings Green Tea is adjustable and reusable. It is available in loose tea form and the taste of brewing loose tea is much better than tea bags. Its unique floral aroma and taste can help you to stay alert and vigilant in your daily activities.

Favourable Facts

  • Healthy and delicious taste
  • Easy to prepare
  • Refreshing and mild color
  • Reusable packaging
  • Filled with natural plant ingredients
  • Reduce risk of certain diseases
  • impressive health benefits

Unfavourable Facts

  • Quite expensive
  • Unconvincing packaging

English breakfast Black Tea

Twinings of London English Breakfast Black Tea can help you to feel alive and strong all day long.This amazing black tea is made from blended tea leaves and all the leaves are hand-selected from the garden. The caffeine level in this tea is much lower than coffee and other fragrant tea.

It will take only four minutes to make a perfect cup of Twinings English breakfast Tea. To make it best and well-proportioned manufacturers collect tea leaves from five different regions. Every region's tea leaves have individual tastes.

No artificial ingredients are added to this special tea. Studies have found that, Millions of people in the US drink Twinings English breakfast Black Tea to stay healthy and fit. In one packet you will find 100 tea bags.It has antioxidants that help you that prevent cell damage and risk of dangerous diseases. Twinings black drinks are best for weight loss and lowering the cholesterol level of the body.

Favourable Facts

  • Lightweight drink
  • Easy to steep and prepare
  • Reasonable price
  • Potential health benefits
  • Best for weight loss
  • Less Smokey and natural flavors

Unfavourable Facts

  • Poor packaging
  • Light taste

Irish Breakfast Loose Tea

Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea is something that every person loves to have for breakfast. Four distinct flavors of tea leaves are added to this tea to make a fresh and bold taste.Tea leaves are collected from the tropical climate of Assam, Kenya, Indonesia, and China.

Twinings of London Irish Breakfast Loose Tea is a full-bodied black tea filled with rich flavor and fragrance. Makers of this tea collect the finest cultivated tea leaves from different distinct tea gardens. As soon as it is mixed in water, brown colostrum will appear which reduces oxidation. Its combined flavor helps one to feel fresh all day long. Studies have found that, worldwide it is the best seller tea and available in more than 100 countries. No chemical or artificial ingredients are added to bring the extra flavor.

Favourable Facts

  • Thick and malty
  • Bold and refreshing flavor
  • Delightful aroma
  • Full-bodied decaffeinated black tea
  • Herbal infusion texture
  • 100% customer satisfaction rate

Unfavourable Facts

  • Not ideal for gift
  • Terrible packaging

Earl Grey Loose Tea

If you love to have a simple blend of black tea then Twinings of London Earl Grey Loose Tea is the ideal option for you. It is made with bergamot oil which is derived from well-known fruit extracts called the bergamot orange. People might know it as an energy booster. One cup of Twinings Earl Grey Loose Tea can give you more energy and strength than two cups of coffee.
In this six tins of 7.05 ounces of loose Earl Grey tea, you will enjoy 100% constancy in effectiveness and blend of rich flavor. Safe doses of caffeine have been added to this tea which will help you to stay hydrated and fresh.

Digestion-related issues can also be solved by this amazing pure tea. It also contains fluoride which protects your teeth from cavities.
Moreover, drinking Twinings Earl Grey Tea reduces the chances of getting flu cold, and infection. Its natural aromatherapy qualities can lift your mood.

Favourable Facts

  • Simple and convenient
  • Tempting flavor
  • Relaxes and soothes the body
  • Natural Cold remedy
  • Immense health benefits
  • Best for gift

Unfavourable Facts

  • Quite expensive

Chai Tea

Do you love spicy tea? If so then, Twinings of London Chai Tea Bags are the idyllic option for you. Twinings chai tea bags are the combination of sweet and savory spice flavors with fine black tea. Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger are the mentionable spice flavors of this premium tea. It will take only 4 to 5 minutes to prepare. Although the color is not satisfying, the flavor is very nourishing and refreshing. All-natural ingredients are capable of calming your mind and removing stress and anxiety. What’s more, these teas are the perfect solution for digestive problems and maintaining the sugar level of the body. Unlike other teas, you need both warm water and warm milk to prepare the tea. This is why Chai teas are the most consumed tea worldwide.

In one packet of Twinings of London Chai, you will get 20 tea bags. If you also want to have spicy traditional tea hopefully, it will not disappoint you.

Favourable Facts

  • Fresh and spicy taste
  • Rich and delightful aroma
  • Less amount of caffeine added
  • All natural ingredients
  • Potential health benefits
  • Worldwide most consumed tea

Unfavourable Facts

  • Backdated flavor
  • Not so popular US

Pure Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is not as popular as green tea and black tea yet is more healthy than most of them. In one box you will get 20 fresh Oolong tea bags. It will take only 3 minutes to prepare one cup of Twinings of London Pure Oolong Tea. All the leaves are hand-selected and collected from Fujian province in China. No simulated chemicals or elements are added in the Twinings Pure Oolong Tea Bags. The toasty and warm smell makes it mesmerizing and appealing. Twinings Oolong Tea bags contain an adequate level of caffeine.

It is particularly popular in China. But recently it has become quite popular in the US. Pleasant spiced flavor and rich texture is the major reason behind this.
One should not drink more than 4 cups in a day. High dosage of Oolong tea can cause vomiting, headache, sleep problems, diarrhea, heartburn, dizziness and irregular heartbeat.

Favourable Facts

  • Unique savory tea
  • Pleasant toasty taste
  • Reasonable price
  • Best for heal migraine
  • Easy to steep
  • Enormous health benefits

Unfavourable Facts

  • Poor decaffeination process
  • Second-rate ingredients

Darjeeling Tea

A cup of warm Darjeeling Tea can make you relaxed, happy, and fit. This complex beverage is formulated with a subtle process of withering, oxidation, and drying. Twinings of London Darjeeling Teas are known for its strong exotic, down-to-earth fragrances. It includes essential antioxidants which are very effective for the human digestive process. All complex elements of Darjeeling tea help us to eliminate destructive chemicals and toxins during digestion. The origin of this aromatic tea is Darjeeling, a district of West Bengal in India. People also call it the champagne of teas. On the other hand, every cup of Darjeeling tea contains a minimal dose of caffeine.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid consuming darjeeling tea. Also try to consume it after taking the mea. Otherwise, it will affect the body's absorption of iron.
Furthermore, Your immune system will get stronger day by day if you inhale a cup of Twinings Darjeeling Tea. Therefore, try it out today to lead a healthy and stress-free life.

Favourable Facts

  • Light-colored tea
  • Floral aromatic fragrance
  • High in Antioxidants
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Hydrate the body
  • Facilitates Weight Loss
  • Best to add in regular diet

Unfavourable Facts

  • Confusing packaging
  • Pretty expensive

Fujian Chinese Pure White Tea

Who doesn't love to have a refreshing cup of light-weighted tea? Twinings of London Fujian Chinese Pure White Tea is one type of tea that one can have at any time of the day. All the powerful ingredients of Fujian Chinese Pure White Tea work against harmful diseases.

A cup of white tea can help you to stay active and fresh all day long. It will protect your teeth from harmful bacteria. White teas are the best liquid to stay calm and improve the digestion system.
We all know that white teas contain a minimal amount of caffeine. two powerful compounds of this white tea will help your body to reduce fat and enhance metabolism.
Though, excessive consumption of White tea may cause increased anxiety, insomnia, dizziness. So try to inhale an adequate amount of white tea. White tea can help one to reduce 70-100 calories per day.

What's more, antioxidants extracts protect your body cells from injurious molecules. Therefore, Twinings White Tea is surely one healthy tea to consume daily.

Favourable Facts

  • Unique flavor and aroma
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Boost immunity
  • Promote bone growth
  • Protect skin from damages
  • 100% customer rates

Red African Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is one of the popular drinks around the globe. Since it's caffeine-free, people prefer to have it as an alternative to coffee or normal tea. Twinings Red African Rooibos Tea has a refreshing and herbal flavor which is perfect as an everyday tea. The main ingredient of this tea is Rooibos which is so strong that it doesn't need any other supportive ingredients. This traditional tea is made from the leaves of a South African shrub. Rooibos Teas also contain antioxidants and healing properties which are significant in reducing fat by improving the immunity system. Furthermore, Twinings Rooibos Tea is an affirmative choice to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Negative side effects of this traditional tea are very rare. Though, large amounts of Red African Rooibos Tea consumption might cause liver problems.

According to Twinings Tea Red African Rooibos Tea customer reviews, it might help one to reduce the digestive problem and improve bone health.

Favourable Facts

  • Healthy and delicious beverage
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Naturally caffeine free
  • Potential health benefits
  • Good for heart and skin
  • Ideal for manage diabetics issue

Unfavourable Facts

  • Individual tea bags are not available
  • Women's might face hormone-sensitive conditions due to excessive consumption

Sampler Variety K-Cups for Keurig

Twinings of London Tea Sampler Variety K-Cups will help one enjoy different flavored Twinings Tea little by little without purchasing multiple boxes of Twinings Tea. Among ten various tea Keurig K-Cups, notable tea flavors are English breakfast Tea, Green Tea, Chai, Earl Grey, and Pure Peppermint.

An aromatic cup of Twinings tea can help you to remove stress and pressure from your mind. With the sample pack, one can consume all the best collections of Twinings.
Each tea Keurig K-Cup is full of freshness and seasoning. To hold up the freshness and humidity in Keurig single-cup Twinings of London Tea, the manufacturer uses a unique packaging system.

All cups will leave a long-lasting flavor for tea-lovers and new tea-drinkers alike. Moreover, all K-cups samples are sealed, handpicked, and lockout oxygen.Due to its packaging system and lucrative design, It is suitable for giving gifts to your family members and loved ones.

If you are all convinced of the products shown above, try these samples. This sample pack will help you enjoy a fresh brewed and perfect cup of tea within a minute.

What to look for while buying twinings tea?

Would it be worth going for twinings tea? To help you decide, we are mentioning a few things to consider when buying twinings tea.


The varieties of twinings tea are endless. If you want a flavorful one with a smooth, non-sour taste, then try their Jasmine tea. You can get their English breakfast Black Tea Bags for the traditional black tea flavor. Their Irish Breakfast Loose Tea has a more malty flavor if you prefer. For a light fruity taste, try their Earl Grey Loose Tea. Want some spice? Check out London Chai Tea Bags and Darjeeling Tea Bags. Tea bags of Pure Oolong have a toasty flavor. Fujian Chinese Pure White Tea is the lightest among these. Before you buy, check out what flavor suits you best.


There are endless flavors to choose from when you are buying Twinings tea. And prices vary based on the flavor, packaging, and the amount. If you are going for a single pack of 10 to 20 counts, it should not cost you over $15. A large pack will cost more, but the amount you get will justify that, you know the drill. On amazon, you can buy a large pack for about $60. The price links to those products are in our reviews section

Health benefits

Would you drink twinings tea just for the flavors? I bet you won't; you will opt for the health benefits as well, like us. There are great health benefits that come with twinings tea. From lowering blood pressure to protecting against cancer, twinings tea has more to offer than you think. Its antioxidants can prevent cell damage. Even the chance of getting a heart attack or diabetes gets lowered. Our health benefits section has listed all of them, so we aren't stretching it further. In conclusion, Twinings tea is enough to get what you want.

Why Should You Trust Us with Twinings Tea?

You may be wondering if it's a paid review, or are we being dishonest. It's fair to think this way since some reviewers are deceitful. We can assure you that we have thoroughly tested each product. To make sure you get the most accurate info, we have gone through each amazon customer review. We researched everything and verified the products are clinically approved. We did a quick check on the company's profile and were impressed. We've checked out all the ingredients they used on their websites as well as on Wikipedia. Following all this research, we are pretty confident in suggesting twinings tea to you.


It would not be wrong to call Twinings tea the most delicious drink beverage. Every tea product of them is made with a solitary goal of keeping all their consumers happy and fit. Now it’s time to answer the most asked question. Is it worth your money? Yes! Undoubtedly, All the products of Twinings are equally worthy of your investment. In short, these teas are the power package of possible health benefits. After my successful research on twinings tea products, I would like to say that Twinings tea products are the most affordable option to drink premium quality tea.

FAQ (Twinings tea)

  • The packaging of Twinings bags bugs looks like it's made of plastic. But most of the people are wrong here. Because tea bags are made with corn-starch-derived material. Maker tries to use compostable tea bags paper in packaging.

  • Yes! Twinings Teas are natural and infused with plants and fruits. These delicious teas are all-natural and very easy to prepare. These teas are the most convenient way to drink an adequate amount of water. People love to watch Twinings tea due to its bold flavor and delightful aroma.

  • Tea and coffee naturally contain caffeine. No tea is 100% caffeine-free. Caffeinated tea contains 11mg of caffeine. On the other hand, 2mg caffeine is included in decaffeinated tea. Though twinings tea is decaffeinated and uses the ethyl acetate method to decaffeinate the tea leaves.

  • Jasmine is known for its hypnotizing aroma. Its flavor and aroma can soothe your muscles and body cells. The scent that emanates from the tea is tempting and relaxing. Natural elements of Jasmine tea can help you to calm your mind and settle digestive issues. So, after drinking it you love to fall asleep instantly.

  • No, tea does not contain any sort of calories or fat. Rather green tea and black tea are proven to reduce unwanted fat from the body. It contains natural ingredients and fat-burning properties which eliminate harmful toxins and elements from the body without any side effects.

  • English breakfast teas contain polyphenols, fluoride, and fat-burning properties. These elements are strong enough to reduce additional fat and weight from the body. On the other hand, English breakfast teas are fat-free and help to solve digestive issues of the body. It hydrates the body deeply and keeps it fit and fresh.