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7 Green Tea Benefits Of Health, Skin & Side Effects

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by Siadra

Published February 28, 2021

Green tea benefits for health, skin, and medication cannot be finished saying. This drink has antioxidants that help to lose weight, boost immunity, prevent cancer, and so far. Currently, tea leaves are getting used for skin treatment.

Besides, green tea is incredibly refreshing and full of nutrition. The sides of the drinks are rare but provide various advantages. Even the production of green tea requires less procedure than black tea. So, let’s dig deep into why we must always green drink tea.

What Is Green Tea

Green tea is a special kind of tea that comes from Camellia Sinensis. The making process of green tea is different from other teas as well. Green tea usually does not go through the oxidation and withering process.

However, China is considered the originator of Green tea. Green tea used to be drunk thousands of years ago for health purposes there. Now China is the largest country in the world for green tea production. Many other countries grow and market the tea, such as Japan, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, etc. Green tea is also expensive tea compared with other sorts of tea.

7 Green Tea Benefits For Body & Skin

Actually, the advantages of green tea it's a debatable issue. The reason is the scientific and research foundation never come to the same decision. A few specialists expressed the medical advantages, but others not. However, we have pointed out the major favor of green tea with the explanation.

1.Cancer Prevention

There is no evidence that green tea consumption can stop cancer cell growth. But it has shown in studies that the countries with higher green tea consumption have a lower risk of cancer. The antioxidants that are present in green tea helps to reduce tumors and work against UVB radiation.

This is because green tea is fully natural, and no artificial substances are used in it. So, it could prevent cancers of the breast, lung, skin, bladder, etc. It is clear, it cannot heal cancer but can restrain from creating such a cell.

2.Reduce Heart Disease

A study of 2015 analyzed that green tea decreases the 5% risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Even it reduces the possibility of a heart attack. But the consumer of 5-6 months will be benefited.

Another research found that green tea assists in lowering blood pressure. But it does not impact significantly for new drinkers. So, green tea must be consumed three to four times per day.

3.Maintain Sugar Level

The patient of people with diabetes can drink green tea without any hesitation. This tea is very healthy and full of nutrition. In contrast, other types of tea are a bit risky to drink for them. But green tea helps to stabilize the sugar level.

Anyone can drink green tea multiple times a day without any health problems. It keeps A1C and glucose levels normal. Even more, the risk of increasing glucose level reduces as well.

4.Treatment For Skin

At present, women are applying green tea for skin care and beautification. Anti-inflammatory components of green tea fight against skin ache, sunburn, dark cycle, etc. The cream or tonic made with green tea can be applied to the skin directly. These products heal pimple spots, minor cuts, etc. Much more helps to glow skin.

Even many beautification products are available in the market. These are facial cream, serum, tonic, eye mask, shampoo, etc. Doctors also suggest products of green tea heal skin disease.

5.Weight loss

Green tea does not have a direct contribution to losing weight. But it promotes keeping a healthy body. Green tea fat burner supplements usually take to burn fat quickly. It executes the weight loss 17% than those who don't take such supplements. It is better to take the extract before starting the workout.

However, green tea provides much more nutrition and vitamins than other teas. Many assume that green tea reduces belly fat. So, keep this drink in your diet plan for some extra nourishment.

6.Boost Up Immunity System

Green tea raises the immune system of the human body. Green tea is just an extract of dried leaves. Which is easily digested on the stomach. The components that exist in green tea helps to increase metabolism as well. Regular drinking of green tea prevents flu and allergy reaction. Even it makes the body stronger to defeat any virus disease.

7.Stress-Free Life

Psychopharmacology, a journal, published research that green tea helps to develop human brain cognition. It means it enhances recollection of memory. The research also claimed that green tea could be essential for the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Furthermore, green tea contains amino acids called theanine. Which offers relaxation to consumers. So, green tea can be drunk during work and after a meal. But try to avoid it at night for caffeine. Many ask how much caffeine in green tea? Well, green tea is not caffeine-free, so there is a minimum of 30% in eight ounces of tea.

Bad Effects Of Green Tea

Green tea is mostly considered a health tonic other than tea. People tend to drink this tea for health and medication. But everything has its side effects too. It also depends on how many times you are consuming it. If it is over the daily limit, that could be a problem, obviously.

So, the side effects might be headache, vomiting, irritability, dizziness, heartbeat, sleep problem, etc. Different sorts of green tea also cause problems. So, if it is severe after drinking the tea, don’t delay seeing a doctor.

How To Brew Green Tea

Brewing green tea is easier than other teas. The tea is available in tea bags and dried leaves. But the recipe is the same for all forms of green tea. Here is the technique of preparing green tea:

  • Boil water at 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember, the water must be hot enough to soak the leaves.
  • Then pour your teacup with the hot water and put half a teaspoon of green tea. Cover the cup with a lid if you have that option.
  • Wait for at least three minutes unless the leaves are soaked properly. After full extraction of the leaves, strain them.
  • If you are using a teabag, then dip the bag a few times. Then drink it.
  • Remember, green tea isn’t boiled like other tea. It is soaked for taste.

How To Make Green Tea

The making of green tea is varied depending on countries. In China, the tea is usually roasted or heated. But in Japan, the tea leaves are steamed after plucking. Then the teas undergo some other procedure to preserve for a long time. After the procedure, the green leaves are turned into dried yellow or brown shrink leaves.

Apart from this, according to the manufacturing process, green has many types. Those are sencha, gyokuro, kabusecha, matcha, hojicha, etc. The price also depends on the production of the tea.

FAQ About Green Tea

  • Green tea usually tastes bittersweet, floral, swampy, buttery with a light smell.

  • Daily, four to five cups of green tea are normal to drink. But more than this might be heavy for certain drinkers.

  • According to USDA, per cup of green tea contains 2.45 calories.

  • Green tea extract is a powder, capsule, or liquid form of green tea which holds all nutrition facts.

  • There is no rule to drink green tea minimum per day. At least three cups can be consumed daily.

  • Morning is considered the best time to drink tea and before a workout.

  • 30 to 50 mg caffeine contains in an eight ounces cup of tea. Which is considered to be less amount of caffeine.

  • Minimum of 6 months after purchase of green tea can last, but it can last long for one year. Depends on the storage process.

  • There are several green teas for weight loss, such as matcha, Sencha, Gyokuro, Bancha, etc.

  • The water should be warmed up for 4 to 5 minutes, and the tea leaves should be soaked for a maximum of 2 to 3 minutes.

  • This one type of green tea where the tea leaves dried by rolling into a pallet. It's a very healthy green tea.

  • Drinking two to three cups of green tea daily is far better for losing weight.

In a Nutshell

Green tea may not be enjoyed by the people who prefer black tea. The flavor of green tea is generally light bitter. But it’s so wellbeing for your health and soothing. We suggest choosing a different brand of green tea. Then pick the one best suits you. Moreover, be habituated with green tea for a better and longer life.