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Green Tea Shot Recipe Secret That You Need To Know

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by Siadra

Updated January 18, 2021

Green Tea Shot Recipe

Thanks to the continuous development of technology in the medical field for which we know what to add in the diet and what to subtract to help to maintain an optimal state of health. More healthy than delicious, the green tea is not an exception. Adding it to your daily routine these energy-rich caffeine powders gives you clean energy for all day long. But before arguing what other benefits this favorite cocktail drink can bring you, let comes to the straight fact- this favorite green tea shot recipe is being made with Jameson whiskey, sprite, peach schnapps, and sour mix. Confused? Let me help you.

I know, the first thing comes out from mind when people heard about this brewing procedure that the main ingredients might be green tea that gives a power shot. Unfortunately, the truth is- this shot doesn’t really contain green tea! However even though, it still somehow tastes as if it does. And this awesome whiskey shooter truly represents an excellent balance of sweet and sours that is quite refreshing that’ll chill you in hot summer. If you have already this amazing shot once in life you know how great it is but if you haven’t, allow me to take the privilege to get down to what the drink contains and what makes it, oh, so delicious!

What Is a Green Tea Shot?

A bit of a misnomer, this Zen cocktail soothes sensitive taste buds and makes your drink memorable. As you have already known this shot will be prepared without the ingredients of green tea, yet the mixture will taste like Zen tea. The smoothness depends on how much alcohol goes into the fusion. Because of its sweetener taste, the drink taker won’t get bored even after consuming a few extra shots.

Though bartenders make various ways to make this delicious drink, one of the most demanding ways is to make with half of the Jameson Whiskey, and the other parts are a sour mix and a mixture of peach schnapps and a dash of sprite. Oh dear, I bet whether you host the party at your lawn or near the open beach or in a bar this icebreaker alcoholic drink can set the mood for the evening. The name has its own reputation. This refreshing drink is basically served in small-sized shot glasses, and because of its mesmerizing taste and health benefit, it’s gone viral in almost all types of the bar in the world.

The benefit of Green Tea liqueur recipe:

There are quite a few great health benefits of having this tea-alike alcoholic drink that cannot be ignored. As previously mentioned, these green shot recipes are made without the presence of green tea; so it won’t certainly benefit for reducing fat that the aka tea does. However, still, this cocktail is very popular for health-conscious people. Since these fantastic shots contain some of the most potent and life-saving nutrients that can bring a lot of wellbeings. Below are the lists of possible health benefits.

Liver protection:

It’s no surprise that when our body cannot flush away harmful toxin and other pollutants; our body can’t perform its normal functions which might lead to severe sickness. Here’s what liver plays an integral part by flushing away those dangerous contaminants from the body. Luckily there some proofs are very positive regarding the correlation between this green tea cocktail and liver protection.A separate study on 80 non-alcoholic people and further research on15 studies showed an exciting correlation between liver function and the green tea cocktail. In both, the cases surveyor had found that regular intake reduced enzymes level in the liver that eliminates the chance of liver damage.

Cancer prevention:

Quite a few tests also have been conducted on animal and found impressive results on cancer prevention test. Some researchers have found that the health-promoting ingredients in Matcha and green tea drink can also suppress the risk of cancer which was tested in test-tube. Though extensive study needed on the human to get approval from the FDA, those studies show amazing results in squeezing tumor size and slowing down the breast cancer growth. This tea shot is rich in epigallocatechin-3-gallate that is medically known to anti-cancer properties. Besides preventing prostate cancer cell’s growth, EGCG also was equally beneficial for other cancer types.

The other excellent health benefit:

With good reasons, this bar-shot helps to reduce anxiety and high blood pressure. The healthy ingredient called I-theanine helps to make this happen. Due to its antioxidant property, it also helps to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer.

Green tea shot

Recipe by: Siadra
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Prep Time
Cook Time
86 cal

Here’s How to Make A Great Shot With Green Tea | The Secret Recipe:


  • A half ounce or 15ml of Jameson Irish whiskey
  • A half ounce or 15ml of Peach Schnapps
  • A half ounce or 15ml of Sour Mix
  • A dash of sprite or apple cider
  • Two to four ice cubes
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Bar strainer
  • Shot glasses Sour
  • cocktail mix


  1. First of all add the required amount of Jameson Irish whiskey with ice to a shaker followed by peach schnapps, the dash of Sprite and our mix. Remember to add exact proportionate that has been directed a few sentences earlier and shake the ingredients thoroughly before pouring the contents into a glass. Shake baby shake, until the constituents mix well.
  2. Take the bar strainer and pour your shot glasses 3/4 full with the green tea shot mixture. The strainer will keep those ices from falling in.
  3. Instead of adding sprite at the very beginning you also can add lemon-lime soda when pouring the drinks in the glass.
  4. Drink respectively and have a fantastic party where people are not blacking out all over the place.

Nutrition Information

Serving Size 1
Calories 86
  • Total Fat
    • Saturated Fat
    • Trans Fat
    • Unsaturated Fat
  • Cholesterol
  • Sodium 13.7mg
  • Carbohydrates 12.9g
    • Fiber
    • Sugar
  • Protein 0.1g
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A little bit about the taste of the ingredients:

Among those ingredients, Peach Schnapps is the hardest to taste, and to some, it is delightful only if you mix it with some juices to tame it down. You know what I mean, right? The smell is so strong that it might become a real flashback effect! But on top of that, it’s okay if you have it as a shot, especially with green tea. Then again if you think that you won’t be able to bear the taste at any cost, you can ask for the replacement… so no worries.

Mostly the Irish whiskey is the main ingredients since there is no green tea on it which makes the shot distinctive from other cocktails. Jameson a blend of light gold in color, a relatively light nose, vanilla, and subtle honey holds a sweet fragrance of malted barley with butter tones and subtle oak. This iconic drink and a pleasant cocktail ingredient are capable of taking over the taste of the Peach Schnapps by a perfect sip. But again you can always change the whiskey and make the replacement on your favor. It won’t hurt the spiritual value of the drink.

The last but not the least ingredient is Sprite that can add a fresh vibe to the taste. Though lemonade or apple cider can be another replacement, personally I have tasted with both combinations and found a smooth and refreshing taste. Now here’s come the big event- direction.

The last words:

The five ingredients those needed to make this green tea shot recipe with Jameson, many people might think that making this amazing refreshment drink is more than easy. But unfortunately, that’s not correct. Making this spiritual shot is a tough row to hoe but with precise measurements and lots of practice you can prepare some “OH WOW” shot!