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7 Proven Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea And Effectiveness

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by Siadra

Published March 06, 2021

It’s been a few years since matcha tea began to be popular worldwide. The tea is considered the health benefits of matcha tea more than green tea. The tea contains nutrients and antioxidants, a bit more than green tea. There is hardly any coffee shop where matcha tea powder won't be found.

Even more, the powder is also being used for preparing delicious desserts. However, matcha powder not only has a contribution to health improvement but also skin and mind.

What Is Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is a finely powdered green tea that is drunk in milk or hot water. The origin of matcha tea was in China. They used to steam tea leaves and ground to make powder. Then small tea bricks would be prepared for storage and selling. Later on, the tea got famous in Japan. After that, matcha tea spread throughout the entire world.

However, the production of matcha tea is quite different. The special tea comes from the tea leaves Camellia sinensis. Usually, farmers separate those plants to produce matcha tea. So, the plants of tea cover to protect from sunlight before harvesting three-four weeks earlier.

But this process increased the level of matcha tea’s caffeine. Then veins and stems are dispelled and grounded into a powder. Actually, matcha tea is matcha green tea powder. It is the extended procedure of making green tea.

7 Incredible Benefits Of Matcha Tea

Scientists have found tremendous advantages in matcha tea. By drinking tea regularly, one can get lots of vitamins and minerals. Even more, it enhances physical and mental functional growth. Matcha is also becoming popular Besides green tea for skincare. Now let’s have a glance at matcha tea benefits below:

1.Reduce Cholesterol

Studies found out that people who drink matcha tea regularly have lower cholesterol. Especially it helps to reduce LDL cholesterol. It stabilizes blood circulation and prevents clogged arteries. It eliminates bad cholesterol and removes clog. Which makes obstacles to circulate blood and cause stroke, heart attack.

So, drinking matcha tea prevents death from stroke and heart disease. Green tea has the same nutrition and works for the heart as well. But matcha is an extension of green tea with lots of vitamins, ammonia acid, and anti dioxide. It is healthier and effective than green tea.

2.Weight Loss

Green tea extract is consumed with water as a supplement to accelerate weight loss. But matcha tea provides double efforts to burn extra calories. Before a workout, drink one cup of matcha tea. You will gain extra energy to exercise. Caffeine and EGCg work together to improve metabolism.

Even it uses excess fat to burn and produce more calories. So, consuming matcha tea must be continued regularly to achieve the desired result. Matcha tea is a refreshing drink as well. After heavy eating, drink one cup of matcha tea, cold or hot. It vanishes the overeating feelings and gives relaxation.

3.Keep Cheerful & Stressless

As a drink, matcha tea is milder than black tea and coffee. The tea contains L-theanine, one kind of amino acid. Which helps to fight against tension, depression, etc. Even it improves brain function that raises some chemicals in mind. So, the drinkers who consume the tea daily will be calm and peaceful.

Teenagers can drink this tea instead of black tea or coffee. Their mood swing will remain stable then. Besides, students also can have matcha as it contains caffeine. It will provide strength and energy to study.

4.Protects Dental Health

Teeth get cavities from bacteria attacks and suffer for a long time. If teeth are not brushed daily, bacteria can attack anytime. Even bacteria are responsible for the bad smell that comes from the mouth. But matcha tea can heal such dental disease. When mint, matcha, and other food are tested, matcha tea shows a significant response.

Matcha tea is an entirely natural drink and comes with lots of anti dioxides. By drinking the tea daily, it can prevent any bacteria from growing inside the mouth. Moreover, it gives a fresh and pleasant smell.

5.Beautification and Skin Treatment

Everyone knows the utilization of green tea for skin health. Matcha tea is also used for beautification. This tea powder can be directly applied to the face or any part of the body. It reduces the rash or redness of the skin. It has an anti-inflammatory component that is used for ache, dark spot treatment.

Matcha powder increases glossiness by extracting the dead cell from the skin. This powder is beneficial for oily skin, which controls the oil level of the face. It is applicable for all types of skin, though. People of all ages can use it as a face mask for wrinkles, spots, UV protection, etc.

6.Detox Toxic

Green tea is a great detox drink for eliminating waste from the body. As the matcha powder is produced from green tea, it has high chlorophyll pigment. So it has a powerful detoxing ability to extract toxic. Even it can eliminate a heavy level of iron from the body.

Therefore prepare detox water with matcha powder to remove waste from the body naturally. Even more detox water is refreshing and delightful. Detox can be made easily at home. Find the detox matcha tea recipes and drink twice or thrice a day. Adding cinnamon, lemon, apple etc enhances nutrition more.

7.Boost Up Immunity System

The Immune system fights against viruses and bacteria to protect from disease. Green tea is effective in preventing any virus attack and helps to heal disease. EGCg of matcha tea boosts the immune system.

Consuming daily matcha tea protects against mild illnesses like fever, cold, allergy, etc. Furthermore, it makes the immunity system so strong that it restrains any virus growth.

How To Make Matcha Tea

Making matcha tea is effortless and very simple. In coffee shops, many drinks are prepared with matcha powder. Drinks served with garnishing matcha powder also. So, preparing it at home, one must buy well-branded matcha powder. Now we are sharing the traditional Japanese matcha tea making process. This is the easiest method of matcha tea.

  • Take ½ teaspoon of matcha powder on a cup.
  • Make a paste by adding a little bit of water. Japanese people use a bamboo whisk to make a paste.
  • You can use any whisk and then pour warm water.
  • Serve it warm and enjoy.

Now people like a variation in matcha tea. Restaurants and coffee shops have brought matcha green tea lattes. This new style can be made at home as well. Have a look at this below:

  • Take ½ teaspoon of matcha powder and make a paste. Pour two tsp of warm water to make paste. Water must be warmed, not hot boiling water.
  • Boil 1 cup of liquid milk and make it a bit thick. Powder milk might be used. Then add water to make it liquid and boil it. Make the milk a little bit forty.
  • Then pour it into the paste of the cup and stir well.
  • Add any sweetener if you like.
  • The drink can be consumed both cold and hot.
  • For cold latte cool down the milk and add ice.


  • Matcha green tea is grounded green tea leaves where the tea leaves are prepared differently.

  • Yes! Matcha tea has more caffeine than green tea.

  • Mix half a teaspoon of matcha powder and warm water to prepare matcha tea.

  • Green is dried tea leaves, and matcha is grounded green tea.

  • You can buy any brand of matcha tea in a tea shop, groceries, an online shop.

  • It's a bit bitter and grassy, depending on how much you're taking per cup. Sweetener and milk are usually used to make tea.

  • For losing weight, add 1.5 tsp powder of matcha with water without sugar or milk.

  • Two cups of matcha tea daily should be sufficient for everyone.

  • By adding half tsp of matcha tea powder into warm water, matcha tea can be prepared.

  • Matcha green tea contains caffeine but less than black tea or coffee.

  • Matcha tea or matcha green tea is the same thing. Matcha tea is made from powdered green tea. So it is called matcha green tea also.

  • Every one teaspoon of matcha powder carries 64-milligram caffeine.

In The Bottom Line

Besides the benefits of Matcha tea, it is delicious as well. The powder is used to make soba noodles, mochi, matcha ice cream etc. The tea is served in Japanese tea festivals. The tea is consumed from believing in something spiritual and meditative. So, drink this natural, nutritious drink to be strong and sound always.