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Hibiscus powder benefits for health skin and hair care

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by Siadra

Published March 28, 2021

Hibiscus is a flowering shrub mainly cultivated in tropical countries. It is a common plant. This flower is widely used for various purposes. Among 300 species, Hibiscus sabdariffa, Hibiscus altissima are known widely. However, hibiscus powder benefits us in many ways. This flower is used in herbal medicine. The flower petals are the most used part. If you know the benefits, you may like to use it for skin and hair care. Nowadays, many brands bring the powder form of this flower. It has many health benefits too.

Hibiscus powder benefits

Do you know how many hidden benefits hibiscus powder has? You can use it not only for beauty purposes but also for your health. This tropical flower is a common and favorite ingredient in the herbal area to make skin and hair products. Let's get familiar with how hibiscus powder benefits us.

Benefits of hibiscus powder for skin

If you use hibiscus for your skin, you get some fantastic benefits from it.

Anti-aging properties: The compounds of hibiscus have some anti-aging properties. For this reason, it is suitable for the skin. This powder takes out free radicals from the skin and thus reduces oxidative stress. It prevents wrinkles.
Exfoliating effect: This tropical flower has an excellent reputation for skincare. It contains alpha-hydroxy acids. This component exfoliates skin naturally and also reduces hyperpigmentation. Besides, it reduces blackheads and makes the skin better.
Antioxidant properties: Hibiscus powder contains antioxidants. It reduces inflammation on the skin that any skin problem can cause. Besides, antioxidants keep the skin glowing.
Anti-bacterial: As it has anti-bacterial properties, it helps to remove acne and also removes dead cells.

Hibiscus powder benefits for your hair

If you are going to use hibiscus powder for your hair, I have made a list of this product's benefits to your hair. It will help you to understand it better for your hair care.

For hair growth

Are you lost hair volume? You can use the powdered hibiscus because it contains amino acids that work as nutrients and promotes hair growth. Amino acid makes one type of protein named keratin. This protein makes the hair strong and less prone. It also improves the thickness of your hair and makes it manageable. So, for damaged hair, you can use the hibiscus.

Conditioned your hair

For the hair, shampoos contain chemicals without any natural oil. Suppose you see that your hair becomes dry and looking dull. Then you can use the hibiscus flower to nourish it with this natural moisture. You will get many hibiscus flower benefits for hair. It contains mucilage that is a natural thing good for hair. It works as a conditioner.

Use it to prevent baldness

Many kinds of research have been done on hibiscus extract. And some of the papers say that using it is a natural way to grow hair. It works like the treatment of baldness. Besides, hibiscus is not harmful to your skin and hair.

Works against dandruff

If you are suffering from a scalp problem and dandruff, you need the proper treatment for it. You can use this powder because it is a natural astringent that reduces oil secretion caused by glands. Here, you can use the leaves and petals of the hibiscus to keep the hair's pH balance. It also keeps the scalp cool and soothing.

Works against premature greying

Hibiscus also works as a dye to mask hair. It contains antioxidants and also vitamins that help to produce melanin that gives your hair a natural color. You can make some hair masks with hibiscus powder and other natural ingredients and apply them to your hair. Take some hibiscus powder and mix it with some coconut oil. Then apply them to your scalp and keep it for 10-30 minutes. It will work as a cleanser and also promote hair growth and reduce hair fall.

Hibiscus flower health benefits

Hibiscus flower not only good for skin and hair but also has some health benefits. This herb works effectively for various health purposes. Let's learn them.

Improves digestive system

If you eat hibiscus powder regularly, it will regulate your bowel movement because of its diuretic property. Besides, it works as a prevention of colorectal cancer because it keeps your gastrointestinal system well.

It helps to lose weight

Are you looking for a solution to get slim? Try hibiscus powder. It helps you to limit your glucose absorption from carbs. Thus, it helps to maintain your weight. Besides, hibiscus tea contains antioxidants. So, if you take this tea every day, you can keep yourself younger for a long time.

Good for anemia

As this product contains a lot of iron, taking it every day increases hemoglobin in our body.

Good for high cholesterol and hypertension

If you are suffering from hypertension and have a high cholesterol level, you can limit it by taking this natural ingredient. Hibiscus powder contains anthocyanins that are very effective to lessen cholesterol as well as hypertension.

Works against microbial infection

Hibiscus provides a great result against microbial infections such as Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumonia, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. Use the powder extract that is rich in cardiac glycosides, flavonoids, saponins, etc. For tuberculosis infection, you can use the colored petal extract. This herb works better against Gram-Negative Bacteria.

Side effects of Hibiscus powder

As it is a natural herb, hibiscus generally does not show side effects if you consume it at a low amount. But for pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is better to avoid it. In some cases, hibiscus can start menstruation that can cause miscarriage. Besides, people with low blood pressure and diabetes can avoid it.

Now you know most of the hibiscus powder benefits. Use this wonderful natural thing for your health and beauty care. From ancient times, this herb is used as an herbal ingredient in Asian countries. It is mainly used for hair and skincare purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Modern studies show that hibiscus powder is tremendously good for health. This hibiscus can not only be used for decorative items but also it can be used for natural remedy. This flower has been used to tread the body in many ways since ancient times.

  • Hibiscus flowers can be helpful for your skin. It is also great for the anti-aging process. For increasing skin elasticity and to stop the aging process hibiscus has a reputation. It helps to reduce aging spots, hyperpigmentation and other aging skin issues.

  • Hibiscus tea is one of the natural and organic tea which is made from dried plants of hibiscus. People are familiar with this tea and take it as a beverage every day. This herbal tea has huge health benefits so that drinking this magical tea every day can be effective for your overall body health.

  • Research shows that Hibiscus is quite safe for health. Few temporary side effects can happen when you consume too much hibiscus. Such as stomach upset, headache, acidity, nausea and others. For pregnant and breastfeeding moms should avoid this plant.

  • No matter what time it is, you may drink this magical drink at any time. In the morning and the evening can be the perfect time for drinking this tea. After dinner is another pick time to drink it.

  • For the natural component Drinking Hibiscus tea can be safe to drink in the morning. The best time to drink this tea after a meal. Because drinking this tea in an empty stomach sometimes may create Side effects.

  • Yes, it is already proven that Hibiscus tea can lose weight. These hibiscus plants have anthocyanins and phenolic compounds. Those components can help to lose weight .