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Matcha Vs Green Tea Who Is The Healthiest Drink

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by Siadra

Updated January 20, 2021

The most healthiest drink that can help you to keep your health fit

Are you looking for something that will refresh you instantly? Or you are really concern about your health. Then this article going to help you to get the best thing for your health. So this article will mainly focus on matcha vs green tea and it will try to explain why match is best healthy drink? If someone asks what will give him instant refresh ness then most of the clues will vote for tea. As tea is one of the popular drink in the word. And if you are crazy tea lover then you must know it’s kind like Green tea, silver needle white tea, oolong tea, etc. Maybe you are thinking about which is the best for your health.

If you really health concern then green tea is for you as most of the survey goes in favor of green tea. Recent statistics confirming that green tea becomes most popular drink nowadays. It becomes very popular because it has some exclusive health benefits like weight loss and an improved heart condition. Even it can reduce the risk of cancer. Now green tea has another variety which is Matcha. It is a selective variety of green tea family which is often marketed as even healthier than other types.

It is mounted and manufactured very carefully to retain all its health benefit differently than other available teas even green teas. However, you may ask of what is matcha and why it is more propitious than the regular Green tea. If you have such a question on your mind then all your question will be answered throughout the article. This article will discuss Is matcha healthier than other green teas in short it will compare between Matcha VS green tea.

What Is Matcha?

Matcha is nothing special leaf it is and regular green tea products from same Camellia sinensis plant and you might know this plant first introduced in China. Though It comes from the same family it needs some extra care to provide maximum health benefits. The tea bushes where Matcha collected are protected from sunlight for about 20–30 days before harvest. To get a perfect quality Matcha tint is needed as the shade confirm an increase in chlorophyll levels, which make the leaves more healthy and turn the color darker than the normal green tea. This process needs to get more amount of amino acid. When the tea is prepared then the stems of leaves removed and grind with the best technology to make a fine, green powder and this is known as Matcha. As we consume the whole leaf-like coffee powder so it can provide higher substances like caffeine and antioxidants than any other tea leafs even higher than green tea. If you see the proven result of lab test you can easily understand how more caffeine it can provide. One cup of matcha can be made from 4 teaspoons of powder, and it will provide you around 280 mg of caffeine. This caffeine is significantly higher than a cup of regular green tea, which provides only 35 mg of caffeine. Though people don’t drink a full cup of matcha as it contains high caffeine which can obstacle for your sleep. People always consume one- a two-ounce cup of tea. As the caffeine content can be varied how much powder you add on water. Matcha, have a grassy and bitter taste so it is usually served with sugar and milk. You can add lime or ginger for getting better flavor. Matcha powder is also popular in making various drinks like smoothies and can be used as baking.

How Is It Prepared?

Matcha is prepared completely different from the other tea is prepared. As it is powder and can be digested full so it is mixed with hot water like instant coffee powder and then add some extra flavor or sweetener if needed.It is usually prepared in the traditional Japanese way. In the Japanese way, the tea is measured with a bamboo spoon, or shashaku, into a heated tea bowl known as a chawan.Hot water (about 158 °F or 70 °C) is then added to the bowl. The tea is sped with a particular bamboo whisk, called a chasen, it is whisked until the tea powder mixed with hot water properly.

You can prepare Matcha different consistencies:

Standard: For standard, you need to mix 1 teaspoon powder with 60 ml of water.

Usucha (thin): It is thinner and you only need half teaspoon powder and 90-120 ml hot water to make it.

Koicha (thick): It is not common. Mainly it is prepared and served in Japan for festive or any kind of ceremonies. This thick version needs two spoon powder and you have to mix with 30 ml hot water for a perfect Koicha. There should be no foam and the best quality match is needed for a perfect Koicha. For making a perfect cup of tea you don’t need any extra tool. The tool that you have available in your kitchen you can make a good cup of tea with the utensils.

Matcha Green tea benefits:

As Matcha is a variety of Green tea it has the same benefits of green tea as well as some extra benefits which are rare in simple green tea. Let’s see what benefits it bestowed us. Moreover, Matcha contains more antioxidants and you might know antioxidant is the vital elements to reduce cancer risk and keep you juvenile. Statistics showing that a single cup of matcha contains almost three times more antioxidants than normal green tea. That means you will get almost three cups of tea’s equal antioxidants from one cup of matcha tea. Some recent report suggest that it can reduce the risk of kidney and liver damage by lowering your blood sugar and reducing bad cholesterol level(LDL)

The main health benefits and difference between matcha vs green tea is discussed below.

  • Mine of Antioxidant:
    You may ask why antioxidant is so important. An antioxidant is important because it is best for your heart, skin, and health. It reduces the risk of infection and some form of cancer like screen cancer and many more. There many sources where you can find antioxidants where fruits, vegetables, Nut, and seeds are the most popular source. But you can get a good amount of antioxidants from Matcha. Matcha has a very high amount of antioxidants, especially catechins. It contains the most powerful catechin which is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). The researcher studied on EGCG and the findings are fascinating. Scientists claim that EGCG can fight with inflammation in your body, and it can help to grow new cell in your body which actually help you to keep your skin tone tight. The other findings say that it can contain more antioxidants than tea bags or ready to drink contains. One trusted report saying that matcha can contain 137 times more antioxidant than a low-grade green tea does. And it can provide you three time more antioxidant than premium quality tea like silver needle tea does.
  • Good elements to reduce the risk of Heart disease:
    You may know how fatal heart diseases is. Every year millions of people are affecting by heart diseases and it causes a good number of deaths every year. People mostly at the USA are in acute risk of heart diseases. But you can easily reduce the risk of simply drinking green tea. Yes, you can reduce the risk by drinking good quality green tea. As green tea can reduce the main factors who actually responsible for heart disease like cholesterol, LDL (bad) cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar. Moreover, green tea creates a natural shield against oxidation of low-density lipoproteins which is known as LDL that can cause major heart disease even can make heart failure. Recent Studies show that user who prefers to take drink tea every day can have up to 31% lower risk than whom don’t drink green tea. How this possible? It is possible by the antioxidants and plant compounds that green tea have. But it has a higher amount on matcha so matcha is more reliable over green tea.

  • Can be a way to lose weight:
    We often suggested by the doctor to take green tea regularly to control overweight. And you may be astonished to know that many weight loss medicines are made from the extracted element of green tea. Scientists already proved that green tea can increase calories burn by increasing the metabolic rate and it can burn your fat up to 17% more than any other supplements can do. But it is not agreed by all still you can lose some sort of your weight by taking green tea every day. A new report is published where they claim that weight loss effects of green tea are so trifling that it is not so important. Matcha has more compounds than Green tea so you can use matcha to get a better result than normal green tea.
  • It can make you relax:
    Besides a great source of antioxidants, green tea also a great and unique source of amino acid which is called L-theanine. But matcha contains much higher levels of L-theanine than any grade green tea. L-theanine is such element which can increase alpha waves in your brain. These waves are linked to mental relaxation and may help fight stress signals L-theanine also reduces the bad effect of caffeine and increase altricity that can make you more alert and more refresh than any other drink can do. So it can be said that it is better to drink than coffee for long-lasting freshness. It can keep your mood mellow and quiet so that you can never feel fatigued which is really important for our life. Finally, a recent report alleges that powdered green tea (matcha) can improve brain function and can reduce the age-related problem. So undoubtedly the winner is matcha from the battle matcha vs green tea.

    Now let’s find out some variation of drink can be made with Matcha.

Matcha Green Tea Latte

To make a healthy latte you need all the integrins that latte needs except coffee as we use matcha in lieu of coffee. But you have to remember one thing that is you may not find the same taste that you find from a normal latte. As matcha has some grassy and butter taste so you have to consider only health benefits not taste.

Matcha green tea from Starbucks

If you ever been to Japan you might obtain many matcha tea smoothies and fusion drink on Starbucks Japan. But if you were never Japan and living in the USA you can still get a taste of green tea from Starbucks and it will give you refreshment and health benefits.Even you can order your own matcha green tea recipe at starbucks. They will prepare for you instantly.

Finally, which will be best matcha green tea brands for you.

The answer is simple you can try Lipton matcha green tea. As Lipton is a renowned tea brand, and they are doing business hundred of years so you can easily keep faith in them. Even you can try some other Japanese brand. But matcha tea can be found the best quality in Japan. Matcha is a special variety of green tea. Actually, it is best graded green tea which renders the best benefits to its user. People who really need health support and looking for something that can reduce their heart diseases risk. Should drink matcha regularly. The match can be prepared with some flavors like lemon, ginger, and herbs to reduce some of its grassy taste. If you can really take this tea every day definitely you will be benefited. Not only matcha you can consider green tea also if you can not find matcha tea in your locality. You will find thousands of brands of matcha tea but only a few brands produce the best quality matcha tea. So for arranging a better result, you should select the best matcha tea from the best company.